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Welcome to the Royce Gracie Academy of Randallstown School, where your safety and learning experience are our top priorities. Our qualified, certified instructors provide expert guidance and supervision, while our well-maintained physical environment minimizes injury risks. We emphasize proper warm-ups, stretching, and technique instruction to prevent strains and injuries. Join us for a safe and enriching martial arts journey.

Qualified Instructors

Certified Instructors ensure proper teaching and supervision.

Physical Environment

Padded flooring, adequate space, and equipment maintenance reduce injury risks.

Warm-Ups And Stretching

Proper warm-ups and stretching help prevent strains and injuries.

Technique Emphasis

Teaching proper techniques and controlled sparring minimize risks.

Safety Rules

Clear rules and guidelines for training ensure student safety.

First Aid

Access to first aid kits and instructors trained in basic first aid procedures.

Hygiene And Sanitation

Cleanliness and hygiene practices to prevent infections.

Physical Fitness Monitoring

Instructors pay attention to students’ physical condition and intervene when necessary.